Monday, January 24, 2005

VC Survey Spam

I wonder how many other VCs out there are as tired as I am of the constant barrage of surveys from trade associations such as (in our case) EVCA and the BVK, accounting firms, consulting firms, university professors and students of all descriptions and levels. These things have become a plague on the VC landscape, much like pigeons on public buildings. In earlier days I thought I should be helpful and make a contribution to the scholarship of venture capital by taking the time to conscientiously answer each survey that came in . Now, many dozens of these irritating requests later, I have had enough. I will fill out no more tedious questionaires full of badly thought-out questions in pursuit of subject matters that are trivial, irrelevant and/or passe. In the future, I am going to have to find a good reason to depart from this position and spend further time on surveys.

This outburst was triggered by my receipt last week one more request from a student writing a thesis at a university to take "a minute" to fill out fifty question survey form, with the promise that if I do so I will receive a "free" copy of the results. No deal. Hit "delete."

If anyone out there sees it differently, or has arrived at method of sorting out the meritorious from the merely time-wasting surveys, I would welcome hearing about it.

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