Friday, July 06, 2007

More on Gore

The Run-Up to Live Earth

In the run-up to Live Earth tomorrow Al Gore appeared on Larry King today looking extraordinarily well and handling Larry's questions beautifully. He looked indeed like a president-in-waiting. I take back everything I said in my earlier post about needing a new tailor and a drama coach.

Gore had a quick answer to Larry's question, "well, why don't you run for president?", which was, "I am involved in another kind of campaign now and it feels like I am doing the right thing." Full stop. Answers the question but rules nothing out. The only hint of what may really be on his mind came in answer to Larry King's question, "what do you think of the possibility that Michael Bloomberg will run for president as an independent?" Gore made it clear he was not happy about that possibility at all and obliquely warned Bloomberg away with the admonition that no one has ever been elected president as an independent. In addition, he remarked several times that, "there are 500 days left until the election." Now why would he be keeping track of that, unless....?

Gore goes out of his way to avoid negative comments about other political figures, but makes an exception in the case of Dick Cheney, with respect to whom he puts on his most serious mien and intones, "the Vice-President has done real harm to this country."

If Live Earth is a success, as it appears it will be, Gore will have global superstar status. He will be an almost certain Nobel Peace Prize winner. He will occupy a commanding position in the world. With his film, his best-selling book and Live Earth behind him he can remain above the domestic U.S. political wars, concentrate on climate change, and let the presidency come to him. A very smart strategy.

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