Monday, July 02, 2007

Scooter Scoots

Tonight George W. has commuted Scooter. Not pardoned, as we all (including Scooter) expected, but commuted. Scooter remains a convicted felon and will soon be a disbarred lawyer. But he is spared jail time.

By any measure this is a spineless solution. Typical of George W. The people will despise him. Scooter will hate him. A pointless and idiotic decision by the president.

What negotiation must have gone on behind the scenes. Did Cheney press hard for a full pardon? Scooter must be wondering this tonight? Does Cheney stand up for his people, or does he let them twist in the wind? Cheney's appearance on Face the Nation on April 15 (reported earlier in this blog) suggests that he is no stand up guy.

Scooter must be thinking over his book tonight. What possibilities lie before him?

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