Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Obama Does Cheney

This post continues the intriguing theme begun with the last post -- namely, the confusion and mystery concerning the true identity of Dick Cheney. Just as Nick Kristoff discovered and revealed that Cheney is the lost twin of Ahmadinejad, I have discovered that Barack Obama, in whiteface, has been passing himself off as Dick Cheney, giving interviews and making the Vice President look like a fool.

Have a look at this video. Obama gives a good impression here of the Vice. But if you look and listen closely you will see immediately that this is not Dick Cheney. The demeanor is just a little bit too sincere to be Dick. The argumentation is too calm and reasonable. Cheney has never expressed himself in this way. Obama has the gestures down, but not the mentality. We can forgive Senator Obama for this shortfall, however. It is not easy to understand the dark side of the Vice President, let alone mimic it.

The give-away, however, comes in the final minutes of the "interview," wherein Obama/Cheney expresses himself so tenderly over the potential loss of American lives should we invade Iraq. Note the sly use by Obama of the phrase " how many dead Americans was Saddam worth?" Then note the wicked answer he puts into Cheney's mouth: "...not many." At a time when the death toll of American military men and women in Iraq approaches 4,000, it is not merely diabolic, it verges on bad taste, for Obama to put such words into Mr. Cheney's mouth.

I think we must conclude that this kind of vicious jab at a sitting Vice President, while perhaps satirical in intent, lies at the very outer edge of fair campaigning. One wonders whether Obama has perhaps hired Carl Rove.

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