Wednesday, February 20, 2008

McCain -- The Third Bush Term

Straight Talk from Fargo

Ed Schultz broadcasts out of Fargo, North Dakota. I have a special fondness for Fargo (see Profile on right). Not only does Schultz speak from Fargo, but he attended Moorhead State College in Moorhead, Minnesota, just across the Red River from Fargo. Moorhead State was my mother's alma mater. If this were not enough to make me like Schultz the fact that he lives in a log home (as do I) and has a black Lab would put him over.

Yesterday (Tuesday, February 19) on Larry King's show on CNN Schultz expressed for me what is the definitive campaign slogan for Barack Obama --

The McCain campaign represents the third term of the Bush administration."

Thinking that over and shuddering with the recognition that it is right, I logged on to the Obama website and made another contribution.

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Unknown said...

You could not be more right!!! As a former Fargoan and WDAY employee (as odd job 12 year old in era of Ken Kennedy and "Dinner Bell Time") I alway enjoy hearing Big Ed talk about Fargo and putting it on the international map as it has never been prior. Love it! s/Kent Sherwood